26 October 2008

New relese on market.

have some company just relesed my jobs on market!,

New World Miniatures have released 120 mm, Mujahideen Commander 1988 figure . you can visit company website by pass this link http://www.newworldminiatures.com/

Thunderbird Historical Miniatures: Indian Trapper. 54mm, resin. Sculpted by Pongastorn Kanthaboon.
Thunderbird Historical Miniatures
5023 E Admiral Pl
Tulsa, OK 74115
35010 - Staghound Armored Car Crew (2 figures). Includes 2 alternate heads. 1:35 scale, resin. Includes photoetch insignia for the following units: 2nd Household Cavalry, 12th Manitoba Dragoons, 12th Podolian Lancers (Polish), 15th Poznan Lancers (Polish), and Carpathian Lancers (Polish).