30 January 2008

Home Army Courier, 1944.

Hello All !!I have finished my lastest job few weeks ago, it is Home Army Courier (Female Polish Soldier), 1944, 120mm. I have sculpted for Adelbertus and this is first time for me with female figure. I hope you will like her!.

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Adelbertus company... > http://www.adalbertus.com.pl/

06 January 2008

Marcellin De Marbot ...dedication to memory.

I know him not long time but with alot of e-mail contact in little time... I know he always one of my best friend.

I know him on September 2007, with his clcmoncy to help me finished my lasted indian figure project... we discuss together via Email every day in that time. it was the first and last project with him...for me, time with him is too shot but fully with friendship.

the time can't reverse and we can't grab any things in stream...I will keep him in my memory for ever and ever... dear Marcello Grimaldi.

Pongsatorn Kanthaboon.