17 July 2008

June-July 2008

Hello All!,

Have very busy with alot of thing as art projects and move address on the pass month.., no more time for sculpt figure models.

I have move my address to new place, if you necessary to know new address... please sent an e-mail to me.

Here is new place, have enouge light but so poor on the night!. I must place more lamp soon!.

a beautiful perspective from wide window!. (it will perfect if this hotel is not place it self in front of me)

25th Aniversary of Faculty of Fine arts.

as I said, it have exhibition on last month.. here are some pics.

* Special thanks: Taesung Harmms !!

Art poetry by Utain Mahamit, one of Hidden Silence!.

contempolary art by Supachat Satsara, exhibit idea by Kosit Juntaratip and art objects and Sculptures by me. this work used telescope to find the real Adum-Eve... the master of arts world!!.

My sculptures, Adum and Eve in this project. them size about your thumb.

Have a credit for me also!.

Mr. Supachai have performanced in subject "Television Aesthetics"

An Installation for promote other exhibit by Kosit Juntaratip.

20/6/08 "AS I WANT YOU TO UNDERSTAND" exhibition at Pongnoi Art Space.

interactive art project by Kosit Juntaratip
in collaboration with Arnan Sipitakiat and etc.

Mr. Kosit in exhibition room.

cocktail and artist talk outside..., the power of red!.

Mr. Kosit made this text lamp and allow someone can write all think on it. this arts have create new dimensions and associated between artist and all art viewer. (visiter,guest ??)
5/7/08 , Art Performance at Doi Suthep Mountain.
have cooperate an art performance by Mr. Supachai and Kosit in concept "101C global warming".. this project is present heat, litter, hero, trust!!.
We have wear super heat cloth and walking and keep and pick all garbage up to the top of mountain!. in the same time, we also pushing the big lotus ice for pilgrimageto at the temple at the top of Doi Suthep too!.

please believe me, that day was very hot as 101c' !!!.

Havy lotus ice.

have alot, place them self all around this mountain. form foot to top!.

In the last, we have finished on destination!.

one big ice...

Haaahh... Haee!! this time...please back to your bench Pongsatorn!! (red tiger of hell voice).