22 November 2007

Start painting again !!.

Have start painting work again yesterday !!. this is 120 mm, Aztec warrior by Verlinden.
This figure in progress have been painting with oil and unfinished yet.

20 November 2007

Back from Hospital.

Hello all.
I have back from hospital few week ago, have treat my health from an accident. from this reason was make all works are late and no enough time for update this blog but now I come back !!!.

Have finished my frist 90 mm figure in August, this Fallschirmjager was release by Singapore company "Miniature Alliance", the boxart painted by Paul quek. you can follow this link for see more images http://www.timelinesforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=5173

I also got a Gold medal from KMK show and Silver at Euro Militaire 2007 and also bronze at Le Petit Soldat show on September - October with my friend "Gino Poppe". few months ago we talk about possible chance to put we work together (Alpine, WSS "Wiking") in any competition and we do as do. now we have other projects for future competition also.

This 65 mm Huron Warrior was finished in October with reference help by marcello grimaldi from Rome, I must thanks for him alottt.

This female figure will finish in few day, the subject and era is still secreat for now.