20 April 2008

March-April 2008

Hello all!.

I have a great holiday between 1-17 March to the southern Thailand sea and other... you can see and enjoy with some photos of this trip at http://siam-angler.blogspot.com/ (my new blog about travel and Etc.)

La Meridiana Miniatures have release my 54 mm sculpture "Huron Worrior" this work is referenced by Macello Grimaldo and painted the boxarts by Danilo Cartacci .

please follow this manufactory link at: http://www.meridianaitalia.com/

Have finished my first horse project yet!, this figure is an Indian Trapper in 54 mm. this piece will release by Alexander Miniatures soon!. moreover I must say alot of thanks to Zlobovs and Bruno Schmaeling for sculpture technics and references helps.